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Katie's Materials


  1. Rublev Lead White No. 2 

  2. Michael Harding Lead Tin Yellow Lemon

  3. Michael Harding Genuine Naples Yellow Light  

  4. Winsor&Newton Yellow Ochre Light 

  5. Winsor&Newton  Cadmium Yellow 

  6. Michael Harding Cadmium Orange

  7. Zecchi (Store in Florence, Italy) Genuine Vermillion

  8. Michael Harding Alizarin Claret

  9. Michael Harding Indian red

  10. Michael Harding Raw Sienna 

  11. Old Holland Transparent Red Oxide 

  12. Michael Harding Burnt Umber

  13. Michael Harding Raw Umber 

  14. Michael Harding Green Umber 

  15. Winsor&Newton Permanent Mauve

  16. Old Holland Violet Grey

  17. Natural Pigments Ultramarine Red Shade

  18. Michael Harding Terra Verte 

  19. Michael Harding Permanent Sap Green

  20. Old Holland Golden Green

  21. Michael Harding Viridian

  22. Michael Harding Ivory Black 

  23. Medium - Oleo Gel by Rublev Natural Pigments. ​

Katie paints on wood panels she prepares herself with 2 coats of PVA Size and 2 coats of Natural Pigments Lead Oil Ground

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