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Katie G. Whipple


Katie (b. 1991) grew up in central Indiana. After graduating high school, Katie decided to forgo traditional college education and move to New York City to study academic painting at the Grand Central Atelier. She has since been the recipient of many awards, including scholarships from Grand Central Atelier, Art Renewal Center, and a purchase award from the Indiana State Museum for their permanent collection.  


Most notably, Katie was the recipient of the 2013-2014 Alma Schapiro Prize. The Alma Schapiro Prize sent her to the American Academy in Rome for three months to study the work of the old masters. Katie extended her stay in Italy,  journeying from Rome to Florence and Naples studying antiquity and the Renaissance intensively for eight months. The months in Italy changed Katie’s life. She went to Italy to continue her studies of the figure, but after seeing the ancient Roman wall painting The Painted Garden from the Villa Liva, Katie began painting flowers. 


It was a shift in her work Katie never saw coming. She feels the flowers chose her, much more than she chose them, and is gladly devoted to capturing their ephemeral beauty. Although florals are generally categorized as ‘still life’, Katie doesn’t feel that is an accurate description of her paintings. Katie’s flowers are alive, and it is the living sprit of Nature that she strives to capture in her work.  


Katie lives in Southampton, NY with her husband, artist Brendan Johnston, their son Hewitt, and their dog Theo. She works full time painting flowers, and teaches workshops around the country.


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Dancing Anemones
Young Orange Tree
Little Olive Tree
Floral Crown
Chamomile in Royal Copenhagen
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Dappled Lemon from the Bass Garden
Bass Garden Orange Tree in December
Queen Anne's Lace
Anemones for Christina
Dutch Tulips
Lemons from Praiano
Self Portrait Inspired by Holbein
Abigail Tulis
Sketch of Freddie
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